C.G. Christofides Industrial ltd


Our main objective is to supply a skin-friendly and efficient range of ingredients and preservatives for Personal Care in the 21st Century. We provide a wide range of ingredients as well as formulation advice and help with cost optimisation. We can supply plant-derived actives as well as emulsifiers, preservatives and other auxiliaries.

  • The Swiss multinational is a world-leader in supplying high quality ingredients for the cosmetics industry. These can be found on the website www.personalcare.clariant.com Clariant is always on the move developing new, better and increasingly progressive ingredients, not only following the fashion trends for the industry, but also setting the trends by presenting new ideas which are ecologically and dermatologically better. The recent purchase of French Company CRM has enriched Clariant’s Portfolio with the PLANTASENS range of naturally derived plant and herbal extracts, so valuable in skin care and therapy.

Some of the many products used for advanced cosmetic formulation include:

    1. Plant extracts, Butters, Oils, and Serum products.
    2. Emulsifiers and co-emulsifiers
    3. Surface active agents
    4. Pearlisers
    5. Polyglycols
    6. Cleansing agents
    7. Emollients and moisturisers
    8. Skin Repair agents
    9. Polymeric thickeners
    10. Non-polymer thickeners
    11. Hair conditioners
    12. Silicones
    13. Preservatives, both Paraben-based and alternative.
  • Plantasens Range: The recent purchase by Clariant of the French Natural Ingredient company CRM has enriched our product range by providing an entire catalogue of highly refined plant extracts which can be found on the same website as above. Integration of the Clariant and CRM ranges has just been completed. The new product list includes:

Plant Butters | Plant Oils | Plant Waxes | Squalanes and Squalenes | Natural Emulisfiers

  • Pigments: Clariant offers a range of skin-compatible dyes and pigments suitable for personal care. Furthermore we offer Titanium Dioxide pigment of cosmetic/food/pharmaceutical quality supplied by Sachtleben of Germany
  • Stearates, Oleates and Glycerine from Peter Greven of Germany. See www.peter-greven.de the highly versatile product range includes anti-caking agents, cream base, viscosity modifiers, emulsifiers, and moisturisers.