C.G. Christofides Industrial ltd


  • MONDI PAPER BAGS: The Austrian –based international paper company MONDI manuf actures paper bags for packing a vast variety of contents. Here in Cyprus our firm represents the Greek paper bag factory situated in Thessaloniki Industrial Area. We sell a wide range of bags of all sizes.

Our Mondi bags are printed to the customer’s design or in plain brown or white. The contents typically include foodstuffs like sugar, flour, cereals, seeds, animal feed,and nuts. Other products packaged in Mondi bags are construction powder plasters, mortars, tile adhesives, grouting and joint fillers, cements, and plaster compounds. Additionally, Mondi offer shopping and carrier bags of paper in printed or plain colours. Please visit www.mondipackaging.com

  • BLISTERPACK: Pharmaceutical and other films: The German Multinational Kloeckner Pentaplast has also appeared under our Pharmaceutical heading. However, in addition to the selection of specialised barrier films for pills and tablets, Kloeckner Pentaplast produce a wide range of packing films and foils for every industry. Please see www.kpfilms.com