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In contrast to the complex raw materials described in the previous sections, the last chapter in our website deals with relatively simple inorganic chemicals.
Despite the simple molecular structures of Inorganic Chemicals, and their low price, they perform some of the most useful functions in industry.

SODIUM BISULPHATE: This chemical is the well-known ‘’Dry Acid’’ or pH –Minus used for adjusting the Alkalinity balance in swimming pools. The chemical also has a use in toilet-cleaner powders which dissolve and vanish the scale. Our suppliers are Grillo of Germany- please click on www.grillo.de to see their full range of chemicals.

SODIUM METABISULPHITE: Otherwise known as Sodium Pyrosulphite, this strong reducing agent is used as an anti-oxidant in food conservation and also appears in the FOOD section of our website. In addition to the food grade, we can supply a cheaper technical grade which is used as a bleach and general reducer. Manufacturers are Grillo www.grillo.de

ZINC SULPHATE: A valuable additive for animal feeds and or fertilisers, Grillo can supply this chemical in several forms including the well-known GRILLOFLOW.

HYDROGEN PEROXIDE: This strong oxidising Agent has many applications, in disinfecting, bleaching, cleaning, sterilising and cosmetic use. Suppliers are PeroxyChem Spain. Various different strengths are available, the most popular being 50% concentration. See www.peroxychem.com for the full range.

PEROXYACETIC ACID: Also known as Peracetic Acid, this valuable oxidising agent is used as a bleach in laundries and a disinfectant and sterilising agent Suppliers are PeroxyChem Spain. See www.peroxychem.com for the full range.

BLASTING NITRATE: Ammonium Nitrate ‘’Etiquette Orange’’ is the Market Leader in Civil Explosive production as ANFO used for blasting in Quarries and Mines all over Cyprus. The supplier is MAXAM of Spain and the factory is in Mazingarbe, France. See www.maxam.net

”Grillo HQ in Duisburg, Germany.”