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We can offer the specialized KALLE range of synthetic sausage and salami casings for all kinds of cooked and smoked meat products.

Virtually the whole sausage industry in Cyprus buys Kalle Nalo casings which offer the ultimate in flavour preservation, shelf life, ease of use and attractive presentation.

For the smoked and cured meats, the Nalo Fibrous porous cellulosic casings are preferred, while for cooked and scalded meats like mortadellas and luncheon meats, the plastic barrier casings are usual.

Please click on www.kalle.de/en/business-areas/overview/ for details of the product range.


Sodium Metabisulfite, otherwise known as Sodium Pyrosulphite, manufactured by our Principals GRILLO of Duisburg and Frankfurt, Germany can achieved prevention of oxidation when using –for more information see www.grillo.de


This is often done by using Sulphur Dioxide ( SO2 ), another product supplied by GRILLO.


Our food and drink activities include also highly pure Hydrogen Peroxide 35% for use in TETRAPACK and COMBIBLOCK Aseptic Packaging machines used to package milk, fruit juices and dairy products.

Our Principals and Suppliers for Peroxygens are Peroxychem Spain found on www.PEROXYCHEM.com

A wide variety of Peroxygens and Peroxides are available, in addition to the Aseptic Packaging, Peroxygens find applications in Detergent, Cosmetics, Sterilisation, Disinfection, Bleaching, Sewage Plant enhancement for biological oxidation, Bleaching and many other chemical and biochemical uses


An interesting range of Methyl Cellulose and other Cellulose-based thickeners, water retainers and consistency improvers under the names of TYLOPUR and METOLOSE is produced by our principals Shin Etsu in both Wiesbaden, Germany and Japan.

Please see the product range under www.SE-PFMD.com


The familiar Tate and Lyle sugar range includes standard white granular sugar as used by millions of households worldwide, though in our company we only offer industrial sized packing in 25 kg bags and 1-ton big bags. Tate and Lyle Sugar is produced from Sugar Cane refined mainly in the Thames Sugar Refinery in Silvertown, East London since 1878.

The Tate and Lyle brand also includes a wide range of specialty confectionery and bakery sugars such as Demerara, Soft Brown Sugar, Dark Brown Sugar, Light Muscovado Sugar, Dark Muscovado Sugar, Golden Syrup Sugar, Golden Brown Sugar, Caster Sugar, Icing Sugar as well as other functional ingredients made from sugar cane. For more information click on www.asr-group.com

Additionally our tie-up with ASTRON CHEMICALS of Aspropyrgos in Greece’s Attica area provides us with stock supplies of many useful food ingredients such as Glucose, Maize and Wheat Starches.

Please see www.astronchemicals.gr

Our latest business relationship with OXEA of Athens, Greece has opened up a new page in food ingredients available from stock with easy shipment and no minimum order quantities.