C.G. Christofides Industrial ltd


DETERGENTS: Our company supplies products for the Detergent Industry including domestic and industrial dishwash liquids, laundry detergents both liquid and powder, surface cleaners and disinfectants, carwash, bathroom and toilet cleaners, Fabric Conditioners, and specialised cleaning formulations. Our recipes combine low dosages of powerful actives, with ecological friendliness. The companies we represent in Cyprus supplying the necessary raw materials and formulations are

  • CLARIANT: Manufacturers of Anionic, Cationic, and Non-Ionic Surfactants, Detergency Boosters, Low-Foaming surfactants, Polymeric Suspending Agents, Layer Silicate powders, and Auxiliaries. This division has recently been sold to ICIG WeylChem and our firm continues to sell the product range through an agreement with Clariant Hellas, thus nothing changes for our customers.
  • FOAM SUPPRESSANTS: for reducing foam in machine-wash detergents, we supply anti-foam chemicals from Wacker Silicones, via Elton Chemicals of Greece.
  • DISINFECTANTS and STERILISING AGENTS: Clariant supplies through us a range of disinfectant and preservation chemicals including Parabens, Phenoxyethanol, Chlorocresol, Iso-Thiazolinones ( BIT ) , and many other chemicals mainly offered under the NIPA brand name and prefix ( www.clariant.com )
  • OXIDISING AGENTS: FMC Foret has recently changed its name to PeroxyChem Spain and continues to manufacture high quality Hydrogen Peroxide at various strengths as well as Peroxyacetic Acid ( Peracetic Acid ) and other oxidisers. ( www.peroxychem.com )
  • TOILET POWDER CLEANER: Grillo of Germany produces Sodium Bisulphate Globular granules which provides the base for many well-known domestic brands of powder sprinkle lavatory cleaners. ( www.Grillo.de ) This chemical can be combined with the range of powder anionics of Unger Fabrikker ( www.unger.no ) whom we represent.
  • SPONGE CLOTHS: Manufactured from renewable resources such as cellulose and cotton fibres, we supply high quality sponges through our principals Kalle GmbH, in Germany.