C.G. Christofides Industrial ltd


A wide selection of ingredients and additives is available from our suppliers and some are kept in stock too for quick supply. Here are some of the products we supply together with their applications.

  • Cellulosic thickeners and consistency modifiers from SE TYLOSE : These include Methyl Cellulose and Ethyl Cellulose grades for a whole range of building and paint materials. Additionally, SE Tylose supply Air Entrainers and Wetting Agents plus Starch Ethers for consistency control. ( www.setylose.com )
  • Plasticisers, Superplasticisers and quality improvers for cementacious mortars, floorings, and Gypsum powders from BASF Construction Polymers of Trostberg in Germany. ( www.basf.com )
  • PORAVER: is the biggest manufacturer in the world of expanded glass beads in all sizes, most of which we keep in our Larnaca stock. These can be mixed with paints, roofing mastics, cementacious mortars, gypsum plasters, insulating floors, fireproof panels and tile adhesives. By mixing these hollow glass beads with your coatings or construction compounds, we achieve bigger yield per kilo, thermal and sound insulation, easy smooth application, and greater strength and elasticity of your compounds.’ ( www.poraver.com )
  • EUROCRYL: ( EOC ) of Belgium produces a range of SBR Latex products for both coatings and construction, and stocks are held in Larnaca. EOC also manufactures a range of emulsions for a range of paints and coatings, some of which we also sell from stock. ( www.eocgroup.com )
  • Re-inforcement fibres of Glass, Polypropylene, Acrylic, Cellulose and Glass from STW Fibres of Germany. ( www.stw-faser.de )
  • SBR Latex and other polymer emulsions for Paints and Architectural Coatings from Eurocryl of Belgium.
  • Construction anionic powder foamers from Unger of Norway for expanding, plasticising, and wetting of Cementacious and Gypsum compounds. ( www.unger.no )
  • PVA Homopolymer and Copolymer dispersions for use in roof sealants, paints, paste-form renders from TCK of Megara, Greece.
    ( www.megararesins.com ).
  • ALLNEX has recently merged with another major Resin Company of Germany, Nuplex, and now provides a very wide range of waterborne and conventional resins for every possible surface coating. ALLNEX is a pioneer in ecological resins having evolved from VIANOVA of Ausria ( www.allnex.com ). Every resin is available in water-borne form including Alkyd, Acrylic, Epoxy, Polyurethane and Polyester.
  • Van Baerle of Switzerland provides Silicate Paint Raw Materials and Concrete Strengthening chemicals often used for restoring classical stone buildings. Website: www.vanbaerle.com
  • PETER GREVEN. Water repellent admixtures for outdoor mortars and plasters, achieving water resistance at small dosages. The admixtures, named ‘’LIGAPHOB’’ consist of Oleates and Stearates and remain effective for several years. Stocks are kept in Larnaca and can be ordered one or more bags at a time. Website: www.peter-greven.de

Attractive wall finishes can be produced using SE Tylose cellulosic thickeners available from our stock, which impart the best workability, strength, sag resistance, and weatherproofing,

Dispersible Resin Powders are available from ORP, and water repellancy can be obtained using Peter Greven’s ”Ligaphob” Oleate/Stearate additives.All available in stock