C.G. Christofides Industrial ltd


Ecological Raw materials for Paints, Varnishes, and other Coatings form an important part of our product range. We are especially active in the field of zero-emission water-based resins which are gradually replacing the less healthy solvent based resins. Below are listed some of the main items we supply:

  • Pigments: Our main pigment supplier is Clariant of Switzerland and Germany. The range includes Colanyl and Hostatint pastes, organic powder pigments, and tinting systems together with the tinting machines. Some of the pigment ranges are specially formulated for outdoor use. A new range of innovative pigments is the Easy-Dispersible ( ED ) palette which can be dispersed in the paint without use of a pearl mill. ( www.clariant.com )

We also offer a small range of superfine metal oxide pigment dispersions from AB Chimica of Italy for use in transparent wood lacquers and varnishes.

  • Resins: ALLNEX of Austria and Germany provides our customers with resins for all applications. Recently merged with Nuplex of Germany, ALLNEX ( originally VIANOVA and CYTEC ) Allnex is a technological leader in developing advanced Water-Borne and conventional Epoxy Resins for cement floors, coatings and adhesives, Acrylics, Polurethane, Alkyd, and Polyester Resins. ( www.allnex.com )
  • Thickeners and rheology improvers: SE Tylose supplies a range of Cellulose Ethers, both Methyl and Ethyl Cellulose for paint use either by direct dosage (granular form) or for stock solution production. ( www.setylose.com )
  • PORAVER’: is the biggest manufacturer in the world of expanded glass beads in all sizes, most of which we keep in our Larnaca stock. These can be mixed with paints, roofing mastics, cementacious mortars, gypsum plasters, insulating floors, fireproof panels and tile adhesives. By mixing these hollow glass beads with your coatings or construction compounds, we achieve bigger yield per kilo, thermal and sound insulation, easy smooth application, and greater strength and elasticity of your compounds. ( www.poraver.com )
  • EUROCRYL ( EOC ): of Belgium produces a range of SBR Latex products for both coatings and construction, and stocks are held in Larnaca. EOC also manufactures a range of emulsions for a range of paints and coatings, some of which we also sell from stock. ( www.eocgroup.com )
  • Additives: The Additol range from ALLNEX provides every possible improvement for your paint or varnish production. Flow improvers, dispersing, wetting and levelling agents, anti-skinning agents, foam elimination, anti-sagging and orange-peel elimination are some of the properties you can impart with Addittol. ( www.allnex.com )
  • Emulsions: TCK of Megara, Greece produces a range of emulsion homopolymers and copolymers for adhesives, for architectural and deco paints, elastic roofing membranes, deep penetrating primers, and several other uses. ( www.megararesins.com )
  • Van Baerle of Switzerland produces Potassium Silicate and Lithium Silicate for architectural ecological coatings and Concrete Strengthening. The resulting coatings are frequently used in the restoring of ancient buildings and monuments. Website: www.vanbaerle.com

Ecology is important in Austria, home of ALLNEX and Water-Borne Coatings.

Wooden structures in damp areas need protection with the right wood stain.
Alnex offers through Christofides RESYDROL SAY 586/ 45 WA as the world’s
leading water-borne alkyd dispersion, avoiding toxic and flammable solvents.

Pigmentation can be achieved using Clariant’s transparent Hostafine
pigments, without hiding the natural wood grain.